Anti Aging Therapy. Review

There is an interest in anti aging HGH therapy from enthusiasts of anti aging. That references the use of human growth hormone, which produced in by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland makes the most hormone amounts in childhood and young adulthood, lowering production after we finish growing in our early twenties. When there is a decrease in HGH, we begin to haveloss of muscle, less energy, weight gain, and other minor symptoms linked with aging. It isn’t surprising that the original medical use of HGH was to help children with retarded growth, then for increasing the performance levels of sportsman.

It appears obvious that an additional possible use for the hormone could be anti aging HGH. More and more individuals are obtaining HGH therapy from their physicians. Clinical investigations have shown that injections of HGH bring about an increase in muscle mass. Other claims in favor of the treatment are protection from diseases related to aging, more youthful looking skin, higher energy levels, etc.; but these claims aren’t scientifically proven. The long term effects of HGH hormone therapy are not known by anyone. It is no surprise that there is a heated debate going on between those in favor of HGH and those against anti aging HGH products.

Anti againg HGH injections have a negative aspect, and getting the injection is only the beginning. Utilizing the hormone for this reason is an “off label” application in the United States; this means it hasn’t been approved for that type of use. That could even be against the law in some jurisdictions. Obtaining injections from any person who isn’t a medical doctor is against the law, too. Of course, the injections are quite pricey, putting them beyond the means of all but the very rich. Last but not least, anti aging HGH therapy is linked to some dangerous side effects, especially when the amount of the hormone in the blood goes above what can be obtained in the blood system naturally. Those disadvantages lend much credence to the anti aging anti HGH product debate.

Attempts to bring up the negative side of anti aging HGH therapy have led to clever alteration of the hormone treatment. Most  of the HGH products publicly available now are formulations created to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more of the hormone. With those products, injections aren’t necessary, overly high levels of HGH in the bloodstream are are not good thing, and the price drops considerably. Although the outcome of this kind of treatment isn’t as intense as the ones from injection, this method is much safer. A lot of those in favor of HGH products have decided this is an acceptable trade off.