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Osteoporosis: Prevention Is the Key! Part 4

If your diet is low in calcium, supplementation should help. However, not all supplements are equal. Most calcium supplements are in the form of calcium carbonate, which is poorly absorbed. On the other hand, supplements in the form of Calcium Citrate, while containing less calcium than the carbonate forms, are actually absorbed much better. Continue reading Osteoporosis: Prevention Is the Key! Part 4

Osteoporosis: Prevention Is the Key! Part 2

Based on current research, there are two interrelated issues that may be responsible for the development of osteoporosis; these are the loss of calcium from the bones and the loss of lean muscle tissue. The loss of calcium is related to many factors such as poor absorption of dietary calcium and poor retention of the calcium already contained in the bone. If you have been paying attention you will notice that osteoporosis is most prevalent in women. Continue reading Osteoporosis: Prevention Is the Key! Part 2

Planning & Preparing a Budget

Preparing a budget may not be your idea of fun, but changing your mindset from number crunching to creativity can yield positive and profitable results. Budgeting is one of the most effective means of translating the policy of a facility into financial terms and, ultimately, the best measure of performance. Use these six steps when planning and preparing your facility’s budget. Continue reading Planning & Preparing a Budget

Ken’s Journal: Week 2. Part 2

Congratulations on having a pretty decent week of exercise. Consistency is probably the most important factor relative to obtaining results over the long haul. You could have the best program in the world, but if you don’t follow it on a regular basis, you will lose any gains you’ve made. This week proves you have what it takes to be consistent! I’ll help you stay motivated, Ken! Continue reading Ken’s Journal: Week 2. Part 2