Carry loads to Camp Canada

Slept wonderful! The hotel is at 14,400′, it’s comparable to sleeping on top of Mt. Rainier. We started taking Diamox for altitude last night. We ate breakfast and were out the door at 11:00. It took around 20 minutes to get over to Plaza de Mulas, where our gear was waiting.

We left about an hour later to begin the tedious process of carrying our gear up the mountain, making two trips between each camp. We are headed to Camp Canada at an altitude of 16,800′. The trail out of Plaza de Mulas is steep, with many switchbacks at the start. The trail moves up a more gradual slope and passes a small campsite at around 16,000′. Camp Canada is located in the rocks overlooking the slope.

We got up there in three hours taking a slow to moderate pace. It was hot with the sun reflecting off the recent snow. We brought duffels that will be used to store our gear and food along the way. We rested and ate a little before heading back to Plaza de Mulas to get some more gear. It’s monotonous, but really helps us acclimatize!

Still Carrying loads to Camp Canada

I was feeling strong today, even with the fresh snow I was cruising up the mountain. I got to Camp Canada in two hours. I waited at the top for Stan and when I saw him I ran down and offered to take some of his load.

Wrong! Guys don’t like to have help from girls. Oh well, I started getting stuff organized in the duffel’s for the next camp Nido de Condores. We carried one load up and quickly turned around to Camp Canada. Matt was there and said that he didn’t make it past the first hill. He had gotten a terrible headache and stashed the stuff. Tomorrow we’re moving up if possible so I hope he feels better.