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The Vegetarian Raw Foods Kitchen, Part 2

Champion — High speed masticating. This is the first one I ever had. I found it to be very quick, fairly easy to clean, although I didn’t like having to lubricate it every time before I used it. It’s heavy-duty and FAST! If you’re big on carrot juice, this is a great juicer. You don’t have to do much prep as the speed and the large feeder tube makes for quick work. I didn’t like juicing celery because it caught on the grinder and I had to take it apart, pull the strings off and put it back together. This machine tends to overheat because its fast rotation is not good for greens and is definitely not good for wheat grass. It does a great job on melons. It also has a grain mill attachment and makes great sorbets and peanut butter. Parts are very easy to get. Quite a few “raw” recipe books use the Champion in their recipes. 5-year warranty on parts, 1-year on motor. Price range — mid to high $200’s. Continue reading The Vegetarian Raw Foods Kitchen, Part 2

The Chicken

Team Spanked decides that it’s best to make themselves feel better now than it is to survive for the next 20 days. They say that since it was their chicken, they should cook it now so that they can all enjoy it together. Not one of them said, “Umm… you know, if I’m voted out, I’m going to be eating pretty dang good. So, unless you guys are starving – and until those idiots stop pretending like those Special Forces guys didn’t teach them anything – I say save the chicken until it becomes a dire need.” Continue reading The Chicken

Healthy Eating Post 2

We’ve all heard this one before — if you drink whole milk, switch to 2%, if you drink 2% switch to 1%, and if you drink 1%, switch to non-fat. See how they compare per eight-ounce glass of each:

Even though the calories, fat, saturated fat and cholesterol are greatly reduced as you go down the list, each type of milk still supplies eight grams of protein and 300 milligrams of calcium per serving. Continue reading Healthy Eating Post 2

Healthy Eating Post 1

By this time of the year, most New Year’s resolutions have long faded. Why does this happen? Here are a few ideas and suggestions that may help you stick to your healthy eating resolutions.

Most often, people try to make too many changes at once, instead of focusing on one or two attainable goals. Take healthy eating for instance. How many times have you sworn off sugar, fat and bread all at once? That doesn’t leave too many foods to choose from! No food should be considered “off limits.” It is best to practice portion control and moderation in eating, but this is easier said than done. To get off to the right start, pick one of the items below and concentrate on making it a habit. When you have successfully made the change in your diet, pick another, until you are personally satisfied with your diet. Continue reading Healthy Eating Post 1