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Stiff Joint Disorder

Q.My son is 16 years old, five feet six inches tall. He weighs 84 pounds. He has arthrogryposis, which affects his knees, some in his hips, and some in his shoulders. The problem we are facing now is that his back has swayed in toward his chest cavity, keeping his lungs from growing bigger. We need to know what options there are for him. Would growth hormones benefit him? He would like to grow at least two more inches. We are not even sure what kind of doctor we should be looking for to give us answers. Continue reading Stiff Joint Disorder

Anti Aging Therapy. Review

There is an interest in anti aging HGH therapy from enthusiasts of anti aging. That references the use of human growth hormone, which produced in by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland makes the most hormone amounts in childhood and young adulthood, lowering production after we finish growing in our early twenties. When there is a decrease in HGH, we begin to haveloss of muscle, less energy, weight gain, and other minor symptoms linked with aging. It isn’t surprising that the original medical use of HGH was to help children with retarded growth, then for increasing the performance levels of sportsman. Continue reading Anti Aging Therapy. Review