Connect With Nature

How much time do you spend in the house? Many older people go from home to stores, or community center without getting out to enjoy nature. I don’t necessarily mean walking either, though that is a good exercise. How much time do you spend enjoying nature?

If you live in a city go to a park. If you live in the suburbs and have a green yard surrounded by trees, sit outside. Take yourself to a place of beauty in your area, a lake or pond. Sit down and breathe. Let the problems that have bothered you fall away. Nature is a healing tool if only you’d open yourself up to it. The air in a park is better than the air on the streets because of the trees.

You don’t have to do anything. Just sit and take it all in. Perhaps you have a favorite spot but you don’t go there often. Set aside time to go there.

Or find a place for yourself. Give yourself permission to do nothing but enjoy nature even if just for a half hour a day. The burdens of life have a way of lifting when you let nature into your soul.