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The Chicken

Team Spanked decides that it’s best to make themselves feel better now than it is to survive for the next 20 days. They say that since it was their chicken, they should cook it now so that they can all enjoy it together. Not one of them said, “Umm… you know, if I’m voted out, I’m going to be eating pretty dang good. So, unless you guys are starving – and until those idiots stop pretending like those Special Forces guys didn’t teach them anything – I say save the chicken until it becomes a dire need.” Continue reading The Chicken

Erin Lives!!

Oh my gosh! It’s the third episode, almost at the very end of this third episode, and Erin – you know, the girl with the boobs – actually speaks. I mean, she actually stated something to the cameras. And not only did she state something to the cameras, but she actually came across intelligent.

I’m not surprised at this spark of intelligence just because Erin has breast implants. Personally, I think women are smart to get breast implants (but not the huge ones) because it gives them power and control over the male species. I’m surprised because until now she has said nothing at all that was the slightest bit memorable.

Plus, until now, she has been featured very often as the camera lingers on her beautilicious bod. But still, she hasn’t really spoken until now.

After Jake read the tree mail announcing the next immunity challenge, Erin responded, “When we started off we didn’t think we could’ve picked a better team. All I know is that the majority of us don’t really care whether or not we win immunity. We’re actually hoping we lose. We’re ready to get rid of some people.”