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The Vegetarian Raw Foods Kitchen, Part 2

Champion — High speed masticating. This is the first one I ever had. I found it to be very quick, fairly easy to clean, although I didn’t like having to lubricate it every time before I used it. It’s heavy-duty and FAST! If you’re big on carrot juice, this is a great juicer. You don’t have to do much prep as the speed and the large feeder tube makes for quick work. I didn’t like juicing celery because it caught on the grinder and I had to take it apart, pull the strings off and put it back together. This machine tends to overheat because its fast rotation is not good for greens and is definitely not good for wheat grass. It does a great job on melons. It also has a grain mill attachment and makes great sorbets and peanut butter. Parts are very easy to get. Quite a few “raw” recipe books use the Champion in their recipes. 5-year warranty on parts, 1-year on motor. Price range — mid to high $200’s. Continue reading The Vegetarian Raw Foods Kitchen, Part 2