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Ken’s Journal: Week 2. Part 2

Congratulations on having a pretty decent week of exercise. Consistency is probably the most important factor relative to obtaining results over the long haul. You could have the best program in the world, but if you don’t follow it on a regular basis, you will lose any gains you’ve made. This week proves you have what it takes to be consistent! I’ll help you stay motivated, Ken! Continue reading Ken’s Journal: Week 2. Part 2

How can I Shrink my Upper Arms?

I work out regularly and I rotate using small 3-pound dumbbells one day and 30 to 40 pounds on my weight machine the next. I also do pushups and backward pushups daily, at least 20 each.
My problem areas are my upper arms. They’re huge! I’d like to decrease their size; is it possible?


Are your upper arms huge because of muscle or because of excess body fat? I assume that you store a lot of excess fat there. The best method to decrease the fat in that area is to increase your caloric expenditure by performing quality cardiovascular exercises three to five times per week. Try jogging, brisk walking or cycling. Also, a well-balanced weight-training routine will increase your body’s ability to burn calories while at the same time tone and firm your muscles.

I would recommend adding six to eight exercises to your weight-training routine, targeting the major muscle groups. It is impossible to spot reduce by performing exercise in the localized area.

You simply need to lose fat all over and it will come off in the targeted areas as well. You can spot tone, however, so do not get discouraged — just start to do what I suggested.