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Recent Information Post 4

This did not result in an award of service connection, however. Although the stressor was deemed sufficient to cause PTSD, the vet still had to establish that the stressor occurred. At this point, the Court pointed to “a significant deficiency in 38 C.F.R. section 3.304(f) and Manual M21-1 in that they do not adequately reflect, for the purpose of establishing in-service stressors, the relaxed…requirements provided by [38 U.S.C. section] 1154.” The current provisions fail to “expressly provide that a combat veteran’s lay testimony alone may establish an in-service stressor.” The Court remanded the case to the BVA to determine first whether the vet engaged in combat, and if he did, then the BVA must apply the provisions of section 1154. Continue reading Recent Information Post 4