The Chicken

Team Spanked decides that it’s best to make themselves feel better now than it is to survive for the next 20 days. They say that since it was their chicken, they should cook it now so that they can all enjoy it together. Not one of them said, “Umm… you know, if I’m voted out, I’m going to be eating pretty dang good. So, unless you guys are starving – and until those idiots stop pretending like those Special Forces guys didn’t teach them anything – I say save the chicken until it becomes a dire need.”

Jake starts to cry again, “This was supposed to be the final four.” Penny gives a little pep talk and suggests that the four of them sleep together.

Jake hears this and thinks aloud, “That sounds almost… erotic.” He laughs but Erin, well… that same Erin who was so sympathetic and understanding just a bit ago rolls her eyes in an annoyed-at-the-lame-ass-male-who-always-makes-passes-at-my-beautilicous-self manner. I guess when it comes to anything related to eroticism, one cannot joke around Erin unless he happens to be a young, beautiful person who smokes so they look unhealthy-thin just like herself.

And this is too bad because I just started to like Erin.

They end with more team drama and the chicken hopes that they may have gotten sidetracked and have forgotten their plan to eat him. “No matter what it looks like, our team is loyal,” Jake says. “No matter how much crap we give the other team for their planning on picking us off one-by-one, we are loyal to each other.”

(Recall my little rule: If the quote is in italics, there’s a possibility I might just be making it up.)

Just when you thought there was enough Drama

Before I get into the drama, Day 24 pops up on the screen. Day 24? The day of the immunity challenge (and when the monkey ate a lot of their food) was Day 21. This is the same day people were sitting around complaining about not being to celebrate. The same day, it seemed, that Erin gave Jake the excellent advice.

Are they suggesting that not one significant thing happened on that island for almost three whole days? Or did something happen (like the missing reward challenge) that was for some reason not shown?

Then again, without Robb and Shii Ann, I can see how they’d have a difficult time finding interesting footage.

Jake and Jan (do these two names surprise you to be in the “just when you thought there was enough drama” section?) hold a funeral ceremony for the chicken. Jake quotes a little Buddhist philosophy. Both him and Jan fight back tears. Ted leaves to exercise. Jake hangs out but just thinks it’s silly. Brian stares at them painfully. (He had the same look as when Helen was doing her recipe thing.)

“So, chicken, thank you for giving your life,” Jake says.